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Goals (for these two days):
1.  Be familiar with the history of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt
2.  Be able to distinguish between accomplishments made by people living in ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.
3.  Be able to explain the basic beliefs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Be able to match the holy book for each of these religions.
4.  Show me that you have learned how to read a grid map.
5.  Be able to list several issues existing in North Africa and Southwest Asia today.
6.  Extra goals:
a.  Be able to explain how and why mummys were made in ancient Egypt.
b.  Be able to articulate the creation story of the ancient Egyptians (and be able to compare this story to other traditions' creation stories.)
c.  Be able to explain the importance of the Nile River to Egypt.
North Africa
and Southwest Asia!
Assignments (for these two days continued)
Day 2:
IC:  Refer to pp. 98-104 while answering the questions on the Interactive Tutor for Chapter4:  North Africa and Southwest Asia Today  Continue until you can do the crossword puzzle without looking at the word list.
IC:  Read pp. 98-104 while answering the questions on the Self Check Quizzes for Chapter 4: North Africa and Southwest Asia Today. Continue to "Try Again" until you get 100% on your Self Check Quiz.  Then email me the 100% score.
Ms. Braxton: braxton6th@yahoo.com
Ms. Williams:  williams6th@yahoo.com
IC:  Raceway--Arabian Peninsula
IC:  The Mummy Countdown
IC: The Egyptian Gods Animation
IC:  Egyptian Tombs Millionaire
IC:  Nile River Millionaire
IC:  The Mummy Maker
IC: Time Warp Trio:  That's a Wrap
IC:  Senet
Assignments (for these two days)
Day 1:
IC: Please refer to pages 82-86 while completing the "Interactive Tutor" for Chapter 3: North Africa and Southwest Asia.
Continue until you can get 17/17 right the first time you click "Check Score".
Then fill in the information on the Mesopotamia / Ancient Egypt chart.
IC:  Please refer to pp. 82-93 while answering the questions for theSelf Check Quizzes for Chapter 3:  North Africa and Southwest Asia--Early Cultures
Continue to "Try Again" until you get 100% on your Self Check Quiz.  Then email me the 100% score.
Ms. Braxton:  braxton6th@yahoo.com
Ms. Williams:  williams6th@yahoo.com
IC:  Complete The Jeweler of Memphis Activity. After completing the activity answer the question concerning the activity on your worksheet.